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Interested in writing with us?  We are looking for:

  • Writers who consider the mode of publication as a conduit for their ideas. What could you do through our digital platform that would not be possible in a traditional print format?
  • Editorial-length and serialized essays (1,200 to 2,000 words) probing methodological questions or exhibiting new methodologies
  • Methodologically-based teaching cases, especially those that encourage collaboration and the use of digital tools
  • Group writing and research. Historians notoriously work in isolation; let’s meet through our methods.
  • Multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary book reviews that encourage the field of education history to consider the methodologies employed by our peers
  • Reviews of software, multimedia, and web applications that push education historians to be digitally conversant

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We hope you surprise us. Please send a brief  (250 words) description of your idea(s) to

We accept submissions on a rolling basis. The review process proceeds in two stages: (1) Education’s Histories co-curators work with writer(s) to finalize ideas and format (2) writers(s) will be matched with at least one open peer reviewer.

Why write with us?

  • Fast submission to publication turnaround
  • Commitment to open-access publishing
  • Open-peer review
  • Methodological risk-taking encouraged
  • Graduate students work with faculty

We believe due credit should be given for digital scholarship and continue to strive to make Education’s Histories a scholarly home for our publishers, as well as an accessible resource for their intended audiences and those beyond their usual reach. We can work with authors to provide Google analytics, such as page views and average site visit duration.1

Please email us directly with any questions or comments at

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