Education's Histories

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Methods and Tools


DiRT through Project Bamboo.  A super duper clearinghouse for digital research, presentation, and collaboration tools.

Flowing Data.  Nathan Yau, a statistician, demonstrates and explains how to visualize data in order to tell a story.

InDesign.  Adobe InDesign (part of the Adobe Creative Suite) is proprietary software that allows for the flexible layout of text and graphics.  We use it to create the pdf versions of our serialized and longform articles. Overleaf (formerly Write LaTeX) is a collaborative document creation and editing site.  We have been using Overleaf to create the pdf files of our articles.  Once we have used it a bit more, we will write and post a review.

WordPress.  Wordpress is a content management system through which users can create websites.  WordPress is the web-platform for Education’s Histories.


Lawrence, Adrea and  Sara Clark. “Tool Review: Working in WordPress and InDesign, A Conversation.” Education’s Histories, July 24, 2014.

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